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Tracy was born and raised in a very small town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Alabama. She was raised in a extremely strict and fundamentalist Christian household causing her to grow up in a very narrow world view. An interest in comedy sparked in Tracy at the age of seven when she began watching Andy Griffith and Carol Burnett television shows, which remain to this day two of her biggest influences. Wanting to make those around her smile and laugh she would put on sketch comedy shows for her family and friends. Using up her chore money she picked up bootleg cassette tapes from the flea market to explore comedy and more rebellious items such as NWA. Tracy snuck around often with her walk-man to listen to the world explode in possibilities away from her strict Christian home. A keen interest in the rebellious side of comedy started in her teenage years when she discovered Sam Kinison, George Carlin, and Andrew Dice Clay. This all developed into Tracy Jean Barkley busting out of the comedy closet and diving head first into theater, improv, and stand up in college. Tracy began professionally touring as comedian in February 2016.


A mix of home-style story telling about life in the deep south all the way through to laying down roots in a city. Tracy’s comical style appeals to everyone as she discusses life, relationships, weight loss/gain, crazy family, and pop culture through the lens of a country girl set loose in the big city. She also has a great passion for animals. Part of all proceeds she makes goes to help animal rescues and BeArded WARRIORs, a U.S. Veterans Support Group.


Veteran Suicide Prevention and Resource Awareness

Volunteer run, veteran non-profit


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